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Do we crave touch? The challenge of the pandemic-induced touch-hunger

Posted by: CEO, Steven D. Domenikos

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to touch your smartphone screen and feel something other than glass? Like everyone these days, I am sure you likely spend 10 hours per day touching only glass. Lifeless glass. Wouldn’t it be awesome to go beyond the confines of the glass screen and feel the world below?

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Making Touchscreens live up to their name

Posted by: CEO, Steven D. Domenikos

Touchscreens surround us. They are inextricably linked to our daily lives. Touchscreens bring a great amount of directness into the communication between human and machine. For example, buttons can be directly pressed where they are instead of moving a mouse, and text can be written in place.

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Company History

Tactai is built on almost two decades of research and over 120 academic publications, from Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania. This scientific research developed viable prototypes for displaying high fidelity touch experiences and devices to record human tactile properties and to then realistically reproduce object surface characteristics.


Tactai Inc. founded.
TactaiTouch™ – touch-enabled VR controller reference design.
Tactai Dynamic Haptics™ – core software engine for bare-finger, natural touch-enabled interaction.
Tactai Haptic Module™ – reference designs for embedded touch-enabled interaction. TactaiTouch™ awarded patent.
Tactai Studio™ – next-generation application built on Tactai Dynamic Haptics platform. Patent US 10,871,829 awarded for core haptic engine to enable creation and delivery of tactile-enabled experiences with virtual objects across digital devices.