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Evoking complex emotions through touch. An ecosystem that enables touch in virtual reality. A wearable device that realistically simulates touch. Tactai enables a deeper connection with technology through the sense of touch.
Results from a study by researchers at the University of Oxford suggest that using virtual reality without proper finger representation could change your brain.
Tactai was at CES 2017. From four days of sharing the future of VR with hundreds of guests, we learned that everyone is ready and excited to bring touch to VR.
Virtual reality will let advertisers create memorable experiences with the sense of touch by letting users reach out, feel the product, and form new memories.
The virtual reality revolution includes more than sight. With touch being brought into VR, here are 4 uses that will improve lives.
With all the senses getting involved in virtual reality, it is important to take a moment to revaluate our fundamental understanding of human-computer interactions in virtual reality.