VR and the future of touching advertisment

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Virtual reality will let advertisers create memorable experiences with the sense of touch by letting users reach out, feel the product, and form new memories.

A giant TV screen hovers in midair in my ultra modern living room. I love it here, even though none of it is real. I am in virtual reality. When an ad starts and I immediately recognize the green champagne bottle and the gold foil. Though I've seen this ad several times in the real world, it seems different in VR. I notice it seems to have depth, like I could grab the objects within it. Bored, I try to reach into the screen hovering in front of me. To my surprise, my hand goes into the screen and my finger touches the bottle. I feel the smooth glass on my finger. Did I actually touch the bottle? I reach back into the ad, but this time I pick up the bottle and spend time exploring it with my finger - the smooth glass, the glossy label, the rough golden foil, the coarse cork – it’s my first time holding this bottle but it suddenly feels so familiar. I gently play with the cork and it pops out leaving me in disbelief as golden champagne pours out. Before long, my show starts again, but the sight, sound, and feel of the experience stays with me. Though the ad is now over, I am left with a bottle that I display on my table, reminding me of this unexpected experience.

This may seem like science fiction, but it is the very near future: interactive experiences that engage a wide range of customers on a deeper level. With the ability to touch and manipulate virtual objects, customers will be able to develop positive brand association with products from the comfort of their own homes. Customers can touch and experience products they might otherwise not and through this build lasting memories with these products. Online advertisements no longer need to be passive and obtrusive. Tactai transforms two-dimensional videos into interactive set pieces, letting ads become experiences to discover and share. With Tactai, consumers will reach into existing videos optimized for virtual reality and engage with brands in a completely novel and impactful manner. Virtual reality lets us live the impossible and as it matures, it will open new possibilities for all industries, including marketing. Advertisements will become memorable experiences that develop stronger positive brand association.

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  • About the author: Simon leads user experience development at Tactai. He has a PhD in multisensory perception and loves sharing his passion for both science and the potential of VR to anyone who will listen. Drop him a line on Twitter at @rhymeswithsimon